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The MS Center of Saint Louis and Mercy Clinic Neurology Town and Country

Notify Patients of Information Disclosure

September 15, 2017

TOWN AND COUNTRY, Missouri – The MS Center of Saint Louis and Mercy Clinic Neurology Town and Country are notifying patients that their medication onboarding forms may have been submitted to pharmaceutical companies without being signed by patients. This may have resulted in the pharmaceutical companies or other related parties contacting patients for marketing and research purposes without their permission. The information included patient names, patient contact information such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, patient health insurance information which included Social Security numbers in certain circumstances, and patient treatment and prescription information.

Upon discovering the matter, MS Center and Mercy Clinic Neurology Town and Country immediately began an investigation which involved interviewing all co-workers and reviewing relevant material. The investigation resulted in action being taken to help prevent anything similar from occurring in the future. MS Center and Mercy Clinic Neurology Town and Country also reported the matter to the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights.

Although there is no evidence that patient information was used for purposes other than the marketing and research described above, out of an abundance of caution, patients who were impacted are being offered credit monitoring and identity monitoring services for 12 months at no cost through AllClear ID. Patients can call 855-609-5952 or visit to obtain information about the services and/or to enroll in those services.

Tony Krawat, chief compliance officer for Mercy, stated, “We take the privacy of our patient information very seriously and are very sorry this occurred. We have changed our procedures and taken action to do our best to prevent anything similar from happening in the future.”

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