Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to call the MS Center at 636-893-1260 for any questions or clarification you may need. We’re happy to help!

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment with Drs. Green or Rauchway, call 636-893-1260, Ext. 1

To make an appointment with the MS Center for services, call 636-893-1260, Ext 3

Can all MS patients come to the MS Center for services?

MS Patients referred by any of our Mercy Clinic Neurologists can access the robust menu of Center services as needed.

MS patients with MS neurologists outside of Mercy may access the MS Center for select services including:

  • Infusion services (Tysabri, Solumedrol)
  • First dose observation of Gilenya
  • Management of their Baclofen Pump fills for their spasticity
What insurance does the Center accept?

We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid (except Illinois Medicaid).

How long do my appointments take?
  • A new patient appointment with a physician is scheduled for 90 minutes.
  • A follow-up visit with a physician is scheduled for 30 minutes.
  • An APN visit with Mary Kay Fink is scheduled for 60 minutes
  • Infusions appointments are 2.5 hours
  • Companion introduction and Medication Education appointments are 1 hour
How far in advance of my appointment should I arrive?

We ask new patients to arrive 30 minutes early. Returning patients should arrive 15 minutes early.

Can I bring a beverage to my appointment?

Absolutely. There is not a vending machine in the lobby, but you are welcome to bring your own bottled/sealed beverage.

Can I bring my family with me to appointments?

We are happy to have spouses or a parent or sibling accompany patients to their appointments since loved ones often have questions too. Also they may be involved in your care, so understanding your diagnosis and treatment is a good idea. Our exam rooms can generally accommodate the patient and 1-2 guests. Others may wait in the lobby.

How do I get my prescriptions filled?

Your MS therapy is coordinated by the MS Center. We will communicate directly with you regarding any pretesting and education required before your first dose. All other drug refills are handled by your physician’s front desk staff. You need to request that your pharmacy fax a refill request to 636-893-1261 – allow 48 hours for filling. All controlled substances need a 1-week notification for filling.

When do I call the Nurses Line?

Call the Nurses Line at 636-893-1270 for symptom management issues or concerns with your MS drugs. This line is open from 9am to 4pm and is committed to returning your call within 48 hours. Calls are generally returned within 24 hours, dependent upon the volume of calls we receive.

How do I get a message to my doctor if I have questions?

Leave a message on 636-893-1260, Ext. 1 or you may send your doctor a message through My Mercy.

MyMercy is an online service that allows you to connect with your care team and manage your health online, anytime. It's free and easy to use. It's private and secure. And it's at your fingertips 24 hours a day from your computer or Internet-enabled phone.

MyMercy Allows You To:

  • Stay connected to your Mercy Care Team
  • Request an appointment or begin an e-visit
  • View your lab test results
  • Manage your medications
  • Care for your loved ones
  • Stay organized, Get healthy
  • Pay your bill online

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