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MS Center Education

The MS Center invites patients and their families to attend our quarterly education programs – which examine drug therapy options, new interventions and symptom management.  Did you miss our most recent program? Watch it here in its entirety at a time that's convenient for you!  Video content is based on the most up-to-date information at the time of the presentation.  Click the links below to be taken to the video you wish to see.

Diseases Linked to MS: Migraine, Seizure, and Depression

Dr. Rauchway - MS and Migraines

Dr. Green - MS and Seizures

Mary Kay Fink, APN, MSCN - MS and Depression

Cracking the Code on Pain Management

Dr. Rauchway - Overview of Pain Syndromes in MS

Dr. Green - Treatment of Pain in MS

Nancy Dollenmeyer, PT, MPT, MSCS - The Benefits of Physical Therapy in Treatment of Pain in MS

MS and the Road Ahead; Refining Relapse, Progression and Intervention

Dr. Green - Phenotypes of MS

Melanie Huff, RN, MSCN and Mary Lambert, RN, MSCN - Pseudo-relapse in MS

Dr. Rauchway - Relapse in MS

Dr. Green - Case Studies in MS

MS Research & Clinical Update

What is a Clinical Trial?- Jessica Schulte RN, Research Coordinator

Effective Ambulation & Fall Prevention

Oh the Places You'll Go- Elissa Held Bradford, PT, MST

Nutrition in MS

Eat Well, Be Well Rebecca Doss, RD, LD Mercy Dietitian Services

Bowel, Bladder and Sexual Dysfunction

Birds, Bees and the Restroom Please! Mary Kay Fink, APN, MSCN

The Pelvic Floor in MS- Carla Raidt, PT, WCS

Let's Talk About Sex- Heather Raznick MSW, LCSW

Fatigue In MS

Poly-Pharmacy- Dr. Barbara Green

Technolgy- Elissa Held Bradford, PT, MST

Emotions and MS- Mary DuParri, LPC

Therapy Choices & Changes in Multiple Sclerosis

Choosing Your Therapy- Dr. Barbara Green

Owning Your Own Health

Owning Your Own Health - Mary Kay Fink, APN, MSCN  MS Center of Saint Louis

Supplements and MS - Steven Fuchs PharmD, Schnucks Specialty Pharmacy Supplements and MS

Diet - Dr. Amy Rauchway, Mercy Clinic MS Neurology

Chiropractic Care in MS - Dr Wolchansky, DC, MSW