Where Your Dollars Go

Your Dollars at Work

The Center’s robust menu of patient services is designed to meet the patient’s needs and maximize their health. Vital to the care of the MS patient, 76% of services provided at the Center are either under-funded or non-funded, demonstrating the need for charitable donations. The cost of the unfunded care in 2013 was $134,461 for the Nurses Line, patient education and care management. Thank you so much for your support.

Our services continue to grow yearly. The following information reflects our 2013 activity:

  • Charitable care was provided to 23 patients totaling roughly $12,000
  • Over 5000 calls to the Nurses Line received coordinated patient care
  • 37% increase in patients that received customized care for emergent needs by the APN
  • 10% increase in patients provided care by the physicians, nurses, and care manager
  • 22% more patients participated in Center quarterly educational programs
  • 240 Patients received medication training – an increase of 67% due to the introduction of new medications and injection methods

Your contribution is vital to our success.