Ensuring MS Wellness

Wellness, the cornerstone of optimal health, is a proactive approach to healthcare that emphasizes illness prevention and healthy longevity. This Wellness guide presents important advice and care benchmarks for our patients. There is also guidance provided for consideration of alternative and complementary therapies.


Two key pieces to this proactive approach are a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise.  For those looking to join a weekly MS Exercise class please contact Nancy Dollenmeyer, MPT, MSCS at 636-893-1107 OR via email at nancy.dollenmeyer@mercy.net.  More details below.


Get Your Exercise On!

Where: Mercy Therapy Services Gym (in the same building as the MS Center)

What: 12 week session-1hour class; comprehensive fitness for all levels of ability

Instructor: Nancy Dollenmeyer, MPT, MSCS

Cost: $125 for a 12 week series ($10.42 one day charge to try out the class)

Class Times: Tuesdays or Thursdays, 9-10am

Registration: Call Nancy at 636-893-1107 or email her at nancy.dollenmeyer@mercy.net